Trust yourself...and the timing

How often do we override our intuition because of all of the things we think we “should” be doing? How often do we ignore what we truly need, for fear of disappointing ourselves or someone else? 

What if instead we could trust that when things feel hard, it means that the timing isn’t right, NOT that we’re failures? 

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Cecily Crow
Befriending the Inner Critic and Overcoming Perfectionism

I spent years trying to silence my Inner Critic. In my mind, she was what held me back from greatness. The shame I felt when she attacked me was overwhelming, so I procrastinated, and resisted my creative impulses, and held myself back from truly being seen. Then I learned how to befriend her, and things shifted.

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Happiness is not at that “next level” in your creative career

Many of us have this idea that “as soon as I reach that next level (sell the screenplay, get a series regular role, land the job at the fancy advertising firm, etc), I will finally be happy”. We push out our happiness onto some imagined future, and in the meantime, we feel anxious, frustrated and inferior.

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Overcoming Procrastination, Resistance and Avoidance

It took me 3 months to write my first newsletter. Yep. From the day I launched my website and asked people to sign up for my forthcoming newsletter, to the day I finally WROTE something, was 3 MONTHS. I love writing, and I have a ton to say. So what was up? Procrastination, resistance and avoidance.

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