Mindful Embodiment Coaching

Hi I'm Cecily Crow.

I help women who seem like they have it all together on the outside — feel like they have it all together on the inside.

I’m a Mindfulness, Wellness and Somatic Coach. I help you embrace your inner wisdom and take courageous action so you can live a meaningful, joy-filled life.

I’m a guide and partner on your journey to alignment and empowerment. Combining mindful practices with modern neuroscience, we work together to integrate your mind and body so you can live your life with confidence and compassion.

I believe in radical self-acceptance and fearless vulnerability. I take a stand for your happiness and I see your highest self, even when you can’t.

It’s time to stop doubting, people-pleasing and holding yourself back. You are POWERFUL and you are ready. A life of fulfillment and joy is waiting.

Cecily Home

Trust your intuition. Embrace your power.

Claim your life.