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How to access the bliss, love + unity that is already within you

Most of the time, we are completely identified with our thoughts, living in our heads, and in the swirling, looping projections of the mind. We live mostly in the past and the future. And when we identify with our minds, we can spend a lot of time in fear and regret, rather than in the goodness of the present moment.

The truth is that our deeper selves are not our thoughts, not our minds. We are the awareness beneath the thoughts. The still space from which the thoughts arise. This awareness or consciousness is in itself bliss, love, and unity. The more we practice mindfulness, the more we begin to LIVE from stillness and true happiness.

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Happiness is not at that “next level” in your career

Many of us have this idea that “as soon as I reach that next level (sell the screenplay, get a series regular role, land the job at the fancy advertising firm, etc), I will finally be happy”. We push out our happiness onto some imagined future, and in the meantime, we feel anxious, frustrated and inferior.

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