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How Mindfulness Changed My Life

Mindfulness seems to be everywhere these days- and with good reason. It has radically transformed my life, and when I teach it to my clients, I watch their lives transform as well. Instead of trying to give you a high-level overview of the science, statistics, or strategies of mindfulness (after all, there are plenty of great resources out there written by teachers and practitioners who’ve been at it far longer than me) I thought I would just tell you what mindfulness does for ME. 

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Happiness is not at that “next level” in your career

Many of us have this idea that “as soon as I reach that next level (sell the screenplay, get a series regular role, land the job at the fancy advertising firm, etc), I will finally be happy”. We push out our happiness onto some imagined future, and in the meantime, we feel anxious, frustrated and inferior.

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