If you are...

  • Frustrated because your life looks fine on the outside but you don’t feel complete, fulfilled, or satisfied

  • Feeling called to take a leap but fear and indecision are holding you back

  • Tired of letting yourself be governed by a voice of criticism and perfectionism

  • Struggling to make decisions because you’re not sure how to trust your intuition

  • Done with people-pleasing and not having clear boundaries

  • Ready to make a difference and share your talents and unique contributions with the world

I can help you...

  • Release the need for external validation and trust your OWN inner strength and resilience

  • Tame your inner critic and develop a voice of compassion and self-love

  • Clarify your needs and boundaries so relationships feel less complicated and more fulfilling

  • Connect to the wisdom of your body so decision making becomes easy

  • Learn to process and utilize your emotions and rewire your brain for happiness

  • Find clarity around what gives your life purpose and meaning, and step boldly (and joyfully) into this vision

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What is

Mindful Embodiment Coaching?

Mindful Embodiment Coaching is a collaborative journey that enables you to connect within, find new perspectives, and learn to take action from a place of alignment, confidence and compassion. I help you clarify your goals and dreams, overcome obstacles, and learn to trust that you have the answers you are looking for.

Using mindfulness, positive psychology and somatic (body-based) practices, I support you as you navigate the waters of self-expression and a purpose driven life. We meet remotely on a schedule that works for you and your life.

If you are ready to connect with your intuition, experience more fulfillment and joy, and step into a life of meaning and purpose, then you’ve come to the right place.


Not only does Cecily radiate sincerity and warmth, she genuinely celebrates her client’s growth and discovery with true joy. She honors what her client needs at each moment and asks questions that empower the client to make deep personal observations. She exudes a gentle calm, kind wave of support and knows how to hold the fragility of a vulnerable person needing change and development in a nurturing way. Her sessions are powerful and transforming, giving the client the tools and strength for the change they need so much in their journey.
— Nikki F.

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