Trust yourself...and the timing

This weekend I attended a phenomenal intensive seminar about Intuitive Speaking. Throughout the 3 days, I felt deeply connected to my mission and it re-enforced how important it is for me to face and overcome my fears so that I can truly serve.

I knew I’d leave the seminar feeling creative and inspired, so I calendared all sorts of important items for the day after. “Write a blog post. Rewrite that website page. Send 5 emails about your 40 day free coaching project”, etc.

Makes sense right? Putting things in our calendars is important for productivity and prioritizing the important over the urgent. And bonus points when the activity seems to make sense in the flow of our lives, right?

But what happens when our bodies, and our intuition, have something else in mind? 

When Monday rolled around, I felt anything but inspired and creative. I just wanted to relax, but I had a massive looming to-do list after 3 days away, not to mention some very “important” items on my calendar. So instead of resting, I tried to push through - forcing myself to sit at my computer all day.

But I was procrastinating my important items, and my inner critic jumped in to berate me for losing the courage and flow that I felt so strongly over the weekend. And so, in the midst of all that mental chatter, I completely forgot to check in with my body and what I truly needed. 

That evening, as I recounted the frustrating day to my energy healer, he said “Oh, you mean your body was asking for rest and recovery after an intense 3 day experience? Hmm. Weird.” 

….Oh. Right. How easy it is to forget to be in the moment when we have calendars filled with important tasks, and the pressure of achievement always looming over us.

How often do we override our intuition because of all of the things we think we “should” be doing?

How often do we ignore what we truly need, for fear of disappointing ourselves or someone else? 

This morning I woke up to the telltale symptoms of a bad cold. But instead of beating myself up, I felt waves of compassion roll over me. “I’m sorry body. You were trying to tell me you needed rest, and I couldn’t listen. I’m here for you now.”

And isn’t it funny. Rather than forcing myself to write a blog post like I would have yesterday, this one is flowing out of me with a sense of kindness and calm as I sit in my bed after a long bath and a cup of tea. 

What if we could trust that when things feel hard, it means that the timing isn’t right, NOT that we’re failures

What if we could trust that our BODIES hold the answers, not our CALENDARS? 

What if we could trust that life could be lived with ease and patience and presence, and that we can still do, achieve and SERVE from that place?

Ask yourself:

  • Where you are pushing in a way that doesn’t truly serve you, and what might you do to bring more ease into your day?

  • What’s your body telling you that you’ve been trying to ignore?

  • What would it be like to listen, and trust that the timing will work out better than you think?

Cecily Crow