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Does this sound like you? When you’re acting you feel embodied authentic grounded clear and alive. But in your regular life or when you’re doing the business of acting (marketing, networking, auditioning) you feel the exact opposite: disconnected from your heart, always in your head, over analyzing and criticizing yourself, feeling insecure unstable and unfulfilled. I get it I’ve been there. I want to help you learn tools that will allow you to take that same feeling embodied presence  that you have in front of the camera or on stage out into the real world, so that you can feel a authentic, grounded and confident on your creative journey. 

By learning mindfulness techniques embodiment practices and somatic awareness, not only will your ability to

Sometimes you can get to depths of emotions in your work, but it always feels a little scary. Of course, if you aren’t letting Yourself feel your emotions in regular life, or it feels inappropriate to express them, then it can be hard for our systems to just “turn on” when the cameras are rolling.

Your ability to express emotions in your work will grow deeper as you learn do hold your emotions with gently awareness so you don’t feel swamped. 

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