Mindful Embodiment Coaching

Hi, I'm Cecily Crow.

I’m a mind-body coach for actors, artists, and creative professionals. It’s my mission to support you on your journey to an abundant, inspired life.

A creative life should mean more freedom, not less stability. It’s possible for you to share your gifts with confidence and trust your unfolding path.

At the intersection of mindfulness and modern neuroscience, we work together to clarify your vision and clear a path for you to fully embody your potential.

The world needs what you have to offer, and it would be my honor to help you embrace your inner wisdom, take courageous action, and step into your light.

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Trust your intuition. Embrace your power.

Claim your life.

My coaching session with Cecily was a much needed SUPER SOUL UPLIFT at a time when I felt hopeless and seriously stuck in the mud. She has such a gift with asking just the right intuitive questions, gently guiding you to find the answers within yourself. Her guided visualization helped bring me to a place of true connectedness with my higher self - a connection that instantly revealed the message my soul wanted me to hear. I was radiating with hope and new energy long after our session, and it certainly was a catalyst to growth and positive change that I am enjoying the benefits of already.
— Marisa Q.