What if it was possible to be creative AND secure? What if you could have the career of your dreams, and also have a life that feels balanced, grounded and joyful?

There are plenty of unknowns on this journey. Your connection to your inner world and your ability to feel confident and worthy shouldn’t be one of them.


If you are...

  • On the edge of a career breakthrough, but still nagged by worries and critical voices.

  • Wanting financial stability and creative freedom.

  • Procrastinating and avoiding truly being seen because you’re fearful of making a mistake.

  • Letting your confidence be determined by other people’s approval and praise.

  • Not letting yourself fully enjoy your life because you haven’t “made it” yet.

  • Ready to make a difference and share your talents and unique contributions with the world.

I can help you...

  • Clarify your vision and mission so you can take each step in your career from a place of certainty and service.

  • Release the blocks that are holding you back from financial abundance.

  • Tame the inner critic that keeps you from taking bold action, so you can finally put creativity before perfectionism.

  • Get clear on what sets you apart so you can hold onto your personal power instead of trying to conform or please others.

  • Quiet your noisy mind and decrease anxiety, doubt and overwhelm.

  • Be seen. You have something truly special. I’d like to help you get out of your own way so the world can appreciate your gifts.

You know you have the talent and the drive to be successful and you’re in it for the long haul. Lets get you ready for your breakout AND connected to your joy right now, so you can truly enjoy the journey.

Not only does Cecily radiate sincerity and warmth, she genuinely celebrates her client’s growth and discovery with true joy. She honors what her client needs at each moment and asks questions that empower the client to make deep personal observations. She exudes a gentle calm, kind wave of support and knows how to hold the fragility of a vulnerable person needing change and development in a nurturing way. Her sessions are powerful and transforming, giving the client the tools and strength for the change they need so much in their journey.”
— Nikki Flinn, Actress
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What is Holistic Life Coaching?

Holistic Life Coaching is a collaborative process. I’m not the expert on your life, I’m a guide and partner on your journey. I hold up a mirror so you can see your own potential, and help you move beyond anything that might limit your growth. Using mindfulness, positive psychology, and somatic awareness, I help you:

  • Claim your dreams and clarify the path forward

  • Identify and move past fears and limiting beliefs

  • Create powerful new habits and behaviors

  • Fully embody your courage and confidence

  • Rewire your brain for happiness and inner peace

Creative living can be hard - you don’t need to go it alone any more. The most successful people in the world have coaches, and there’s a good reason for that - we can’t always see our own blind spots, or push past the hurdles when life gets tough. If you’re truly ready to take the next step in your expansion - and find success, abundance, and joy - I invite you to get in touch.

*All sessions are done remotely over video conference - so you can do this work wherever you are.


Here’s How it Works:


1. Book

Book your complimentary 75 min coaching call below.

2. Clarify

Clarify your vision, identify the obstacles and come away with tools, resources and next steps.

3. Transform

If we’re a good fit, we’ll co-create a coaching relationship that launches your expansion and success.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Cecily for creatives looking to take the next step in their work. She’ll help you unlock your full potential in ways you couldn’t have imagined.”
— Hilary Foreman, Mindful Marketing Coach


4 Month Package

Two 1hr sessions/month for 4 months (8 total sessions)

Two 15 min spot coaching sessions/month

Follow up email with homework and resources

Ongoing email and text support

$375/month or a one-time investment of $1400

6 Month Package

Two 1hr sessions/month for 6 months (12 sessions)

Two 15 min spot coaching sessions/month

Follow up email with homework and resources

Ongoing email and text support

+ One bonus TWO HOUR deep dive session 

$375/month or a one-time investment of $2100

*I believe in equality and accessibility, so I provide 2 partial scholarships for those who would not normally have access to a service like life coaching. If you, or someone you know, would be a good fit for one of these spots, please explain in the application and I’ll let you know when space becomes available.


Ready to find out just how powerful you are?

Apply for a complimentary breakthrough session, and let me show you what’s possible.


My coaching session with Cecily was a much needed SUPER SOUL UPLIFT at a time when I felt hopeless and seriously stuck in the mud. She has such a gift with asking just the right intuitive questions, gently guiding you to find the answers within yourself. Her guided visualization helped bring me to a place of true connectedness with my higher self - a connection that instantly revealed the message my soul wanted me to hear. I was radiating with hope and new energy long after our session, and it certainly was a catalyst to growth and positive change that I am enjoying the benefits of already.
— Marisa Quinn, Actress, photographer + lifestyle entrepreneur